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-The toe has a square toe shape and is a trendy, thick platform shoe that goes well with a variety of outfits.
-It is a basic design of flip-flops, but it is accented with calf (Sochi) leather,
The part where the foot touches is made of a synthetic material with a good texture and soft texture to prevent accidents such as color transfer and scratching of real leather.

-With a thick platform of 6cm and a thin but soft cushion in the area where the feet touch, the impact is less and the fit is excellent.

-If you have wide feet or have high insteps, please make sure to comment on the height of your instep on the bulletin board.

- It's the perfect size. Available in 4 sizes: 225/235/245/255.
(Recommended size: 220,225,230 = 225/ 235,240 = 235/ 245,250 = 245/ 255,260 = 255)

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : Dalmatian Black
Heel : 6cm

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-Then's products are 1:1 order made products that go into production for customers after order confirmation, from production input to delivery, excluding weekends and holidays
It takes 10-20 days.
(However, we ask for your understanding that there may be a difference in the period depending on the design. If the shipment of the product is unavoidably delayed, we will contact you individually.)
-Because it is made to order, production will be put into production after 3pm the next day after ordering, so it is impossible to cancel an order due to “simple change of mind”.
- The color of the product may differ depending on the monitor.
- We recommend that you inquire about the size before ordering.
- In particular, if you have any other special items, please be sure to state them when ordering.
-For overseas delivery, an additional amount may be incurred depending on the volume and weight.
-For all consultation inquiries, please contact us on the c/s bulletin board.
We ask for your understanding as it is difficult to make inquiries by phone, and we will respond as soon as possible.


- As this product cannot be washed in water, it cannot be repaired/exchanged/returned.
- Due to the nature of natural leather, the product is vulnerable to high temperature and humidity, so be careful not to come in contact with water.
-If you are using a leather cleaner, gently remove the dirt with a soft cloth and dry it in a cool shade before using it for management.
- Be careful not to scratch when fitting, and be careful not to scratch the product on a rough surface.
-Since natural leather is used for both the outer and inner skins (there may be synthetic leather, fabric, or PVC material depending on the product), due to the nature of the natural leather material, the color of the leather dye may sometimes be transferred to the skin, clothes, or socks.
-When wearing, please avoid bright colored clothes and socks, and exchanges/returns for this are not possible.
-All metal decorations may experience discoloration, peeling, and loss of gloss over time after the product has been ignited.
- When storing the product, it is recommended to put it in a special case or dust bag and store it together with a desiccant for shoes.


-All products must be received within 7 days of receipt through the route/site where you purchased them.
-Size exchange is possible only for unworn products with the same design and the same option once, and the round-trip shipping cost (6,000 won, additional charge for Jeju area) is borne by the customer.
-Cancellation/change/exchange/return is not possible for option change products made exclusively for customers (heel change, back height, foot widening, strap extension (reduction), etc.) after placing an order.

an example of NON-refundable/exchange

- Option change and special items made
- In case the product value of the product is damaged
-Exchange/return is not possible if the leather is wrinkled or the sole is damaged due to excessive fitting when worn indoors.
-Shoe box or dust bag lost or damaged.
-For exchanged/returned products, please repackage them in the same shape you received them and put them in the delivery box before sending them out. (Cannot be exchanged/returned if the shoe box is damaged)
*Then all leathers are made of natural leather, so there may be slight scratches, pores, tendons, patterns, grain differences, and color tone differences due to the nature of the material. This is not a reason for exchange or return.

*All products of Then are the pure creations of the designers. Design theft may result in legal action.


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