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JIO / pink (eco leather) 수량증가 수량감소 179 (  )
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-This is a basic pump made of eco-friendly material that has a soft and soft feel.

-The smooth flowing round shape of the toe and the shape of the wide toe make the forefoot comfortable even after long wearing, and the 5mm sponge and middle heel give stability to the sole of the foot.

- The lightweight platform weighs about 300g and has excellent grip. (Please note that the weight varies depending on the method of measurement.)

-It is a large size with a feeling of spaciousness overall, so if you do not have a wide foot or have thin feet with a low instep, we recommend one size smaller.
Due to the nature of eco-leather, it is strong against rain, sweat and color transfer, and it is a recommended size considering the slightly stretched part while wearing it.

1. If you wear a medium size, the ball of your foot and the instep are the basics, but because of the length of your feet, 230-235 If you wear a medium size (short feet): 230 for the smaller size is recommended.
2. The ball and instep are basic, and if you wear 230: We recommend one size smaller 225.
3. If you have a high instep and wear a standard size 240: We recommend one size smaller 235.
4.If you wear a 240 with high instep and thick toe: We recommend a 240 for your regular size.

-Pink, yellow, and tan-colored brown colors that are not highly saturated.

-Please understand that it is difficult to make inquiries by phone due to the high volume of inquiries :)
If you want a quicker response, please contact us via Instagram DM and we will respond more quickly. Thank you for waiting.

Upper : synthetic leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : pink, yellow, brown
Heel : 6cm

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