then summer flip-flops / white (limited)
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then summer flip-flops / white (limited) 수량증가 수량감소 160 (  )
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*This is an immediate delivery product in size 230,245.*

- This is a limited product and will end when a small amount of stock is exhausted.

-The soft and soft natural leather material and the thick cushioning of the instep strap make it really comfortable to wear.

-It is a detail with a cushioning feeling as a whole, and it is comfortable with the upper part that wraps the instep and the sole cushion.

-The size is 230(S)/245(M), two free sizes, and it is an oversized mood flip-flop that is larger than the foot overall.
If you have small and very thin feet, please note that the fit may be large.
Please check the size before ordering :)

230(S) foot width 11.5cm / floor total length 26cm / instep height 5.5cm
245(M) foot width 12cm / floor total length 28cm / instep height 6cm

- All parts except the inner leather are made of solid natural leather.

-Pinkish white color, low-saturation lemon color, and low-saturation hot pink color are basic summer items.

-All white stitched parts are black. Please refer to the detailed cut.

-The model is a regular size 235 and wears a size S.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : white, pink, lemon
Heel : 1cm

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