Daria mary jane shoe / black
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Daria mary jane shoe / black 수량증가 수량감소 284 (  )
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-This is a basic Mary Jane shoes item featuring a trendy front nose with a voluminous square round shade.

-The thickness of the sponge has been increased for comfortable fitting on the soles of the feet, and the 5cm chunky design heels provide stability during walking and wrap the feet with a foot strap for excellent fitting.

-The design of the flowing unbalanced shade on the upper part is trendy.

-It's a standard size that can be adjusted in size with an ankle strap, and the standard size is recommended without options for widening the foot area or raising the top of the foot.

-Silver glossy stylish black cowhide, luxurious and low-chromatic creamy cowhide.For the inner skin, the whole eco-frandley ladder was used.

-It is difficult to change the heel height (multiplier),
It is possible to change options such as widening the foot / raising the instep / changing the leather color.
(Exchange/refund is not possible if additional color change option is produced)

-Please understand that it is difficult to make inquiries by phone due to the high volume of inquiries :)
If you want a quicker response, please contact us via Instagram (@official_then) (@daily_then) DM and we will respond more quickly. Thank you for waiting.

174CM / 245MM
Fits size 245.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : black, ivory
Heel : 5cm

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