Helen loafer heel / black
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*2/18-2/28 (10DAYS) PRE-ORDER Pre-order pre-order delivery You can purchase at a discounted price only during the pre-order period. *
Pre-orders will be shipped sequentially from mid-March after production. Thank you very much for your patience :)


-Square front nose shape is trendy.

The comfortable fit of the -6cm middle heel and the bold shape of the heel make it stable while walking, and the overall basic design can create a variety of looks.

- There is a cushioning feeling in the vera part that goes up to the middle of the instep, and there is a see-through by inserting a cushion in the sewing part, but it has a natural leather feel.

- There is an inner band, so it is comfortable to wear, and the fit is excellent with the detail that holds the instep of the foot as a whole and the thick sole cushion.

- It is true to size.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : black
Heel : 6cm

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