Moana loafer heel / black
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-It is a loafer middle heel with a square front nose shape as the point.

-The calves look longer with a 7cm heel and a 1cm front heel, and the chunky heel and thick platform and cushion on the front provide excellent grip on the sole, making your feet comfortable even after wearing them for a long time.

-It is a material that feels like a high school, but it is comfortable with soft cowhide, and the luster of the leather that came up with a subtle is luxurious.

-Since the square toe is comfortable for the ball of the foot, we recommend sizing up.
-You can choose the option of widening the ball of the foot and heightening the instep. If you wish, please comment on the bulletin board after ordering.

- Matte, subtle, basic black cowhide, and luxurious warm-toned brown cowhide. The inner skin (lining) used all eco-friendly leather.

-It is difficult to change the heel height (multiplier),
It is possible to change options such as widening the foot / raising the instep / changing the leather color.
(Exchange/refund is not possible if additional color change option is produced)

-Please understand that it is difficult to make inquiries by phone due to the high volume of inquiries :)
If you want a quicker response, please contact us via Instagram (@official_then) (@daily_then) DM and we will respond more quickly. Thank you for waiting.

163CM / 235MM
Fits size 235.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : black, brown
Heel : front 1.2cm/ back 7cm

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