Nora strap sandal heel / black
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Nora strap sandal heel / black 수량증가 수량감소 196 (  )
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- The soft and soft natural leather material and thick cushions provide a very comfortable fit.

-It is a detail with a cushioning feeling throughout all parts, and the upper part that covers the instep and the back band are firm, so even those with low insteps feel that they cover the foot as a whole.

-The length is tight and fits true to size. If you want the cushion to look slightly like the model cut, we recommend one size larger.
(Model size 235 but wears 240.)

-All parts except the inner leather are genuine leather.

-It is a clean white color with a slightly warm tone.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : black
Heel : 5.5cm

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