[sample sale]Sasha ankle boots / black(245)
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[sample sale]Sasha ankle boots / black(245) 수량증가 수량감소 351 (  )
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<**B-grade product: This product is a new, low-contamination product that has been judged as B-grade due to a wrinkle issue.**>
In the case of sample products that are not new, there are cases of outdoor fitting and returning after purchase, so exchange and return are only possible within 2 days from the date of receipt, so please choose carefully!

-It's a trendy, casual mid-length ankle boot with an angular pointed front nose sheaf.

-It has a loose leg fit, can be worn without a zipper by a straight shape, and the casual fit is trendy and relaxed.

-Soft cowhide gives excellent fit, and increases the sponge thickness on the sole of the foot, making it comfortable to fit the sharp front nose shade for a long time.

-Lining leather is eco-frandley leather with low stain and good ventilation, and compared to natural leather, it uses good quality eco-leather excluding the shortcomings of natural leather.

-The front nose shade is tighter than the round front nose, but it's a perfect size that feels slightly relaxed on the feet.
If your feet and instep are basic, the normal size is recommended, and if you have thick instep and instep, it is recommended to increase it by half.

-Silver glossy basic black cowhide, shiny black cowhide with a shiny glossy texture, and the inner skin (lining) is made of whole eco-frandley leather.

-It is difficult to change the heel height (multiplier),
It is possible to change options such as widening the ball of the foot / raising the instep / changing the width of the leg box.
(Exchange/refund is not possible when the leg extension option is additionally manufactured)

-Please understand that it is difficult to make inquiries by phone due to the high volume of inquiries.
If you want a quicker response, please contact us via Instagram (@official_then) (@daily_then) DM and we will respond more quickly. Thank you for waiting:)

174CM / 245MM
Fits size 245.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : black, shiny black
Heel : front 1cm / back 5cm
Back height: 19.5 cm based on 245 mm

Around the entrance of the boot:
-35 cm based on 245 mm

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