that stitch middle heel / black
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*This is a 235 size product that is shipped immediately.*


-This is a basic blocker item with a square shape that features a lovely stitch overall.

-The heel is 6cm in the heel and 1cm in the front heel, so the calf looks long. The chunky heel and thick platform and cushion overall make the foot feel comfortable even after long wearing.

- The soft cowhide leather gives the overall feel of the material.

-The square toe is a comfortable size overall, and if you have thin feet, we recommend that you size down.
-If you would like to choose the option for wide feet and high instep, please comment on the bulletin board after ordering.

- It is a general black color that has a soft luster and is luxurious.

-Please understand that it is difficult to make inquiries by phone due to the high volume of inquiries :)
If you want a quicker response, please contact us via Instagram DM and we will respond more quickly. Thank you for waiting.

Upper : leather
Lining : synthetic leather
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Color : black, green
Heel : front 1cm/ back 6cm

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